Active Business Development
You are manufacturer of a cutting-edge product with proven sales potential in your local territory? Now it's time to exploit markets abroad. More than 30.000 selected, up-to-date reseller contacts and 1.500 distributor contacts throughout Europe will turn your products into profit.
Public Relations & Strategic Relations Stay tuned to all your audiences! Because all your public are valuable, Tornado Communications helps you to set up public relations campaigns targeting your stakeholders.Our idea of press relations, our core activity, is real team work with the media.
Marketing Customized actions for your image - We master all the dimensions of your communication. Tornado Communications advises you on marketing campaigns that will allow you to improve your visual identity, support your commercial actions or develop your image.
Welcome to the area of Tornado Communications, one of Germany's leading high-tech consultancies. Tornado Communications provides companies in dynamic market environments with marketing communications as well as public and media relations services: B2B, B2C, High-Tech, Information technology (IT).
Tornado Communications mediates between companies, the media and the market environment. We take into account the different points of view of those three worlds.
This guarantees understanding as well as being understood.
You always communicate, but it is rarely the fact itself that is most important.
More often it is the opinion about the fact that determines success or failure.

Tornado Communications is a synonym for success-oriented and creative Public Relations in a dynamic market environment.
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